Welcome to Betting for beginners

Whether you are a new or occasional bettor we hope you will find this site interesting and informative.

Betting is enjoyable not only on its own but also as a means to increase the excitement of watching other sports for example-watching a football match on tv is more exciting if your “home” team is playing rather than two teams you do not support, this can be replicated by placing a bet. The team you select becomes your “home” team for 90 minutes. Placing a bet should be considered money paid for entertainment, the cost of which is directly controlled by yourself and any winnings being a bonus. If you intend to bet for the sole purpose of making money you are likely to be disappointed.

The opportunity to place a bet has never been easier as there are now thousands of internet sites and many betting shops on every high street. What has not changed is the complexity of betting and the products offered. A leading figure in the bookmaking industry recently gave an interview and when asked “what would you like to see in the future” replied “better education of the public in the ways of betting and horseracing”. It is fortunate Microsoft did not expect “better education of the public in the ways of computing” if they had you probably would not be reading this, instead they made the product ever easier so more and more people could use it. For many betting is seen as difficult, full of strange words and involves doing “sums” which nobody likes. Most things are not as complicated as they first appear. Our aim is not to provide an education but an understanding of how it all works so anyone can have a bet easily with confidence.

The first thing to decide is where you are going to bet, in a betting shop or online.


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